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About Me

Hi, I am Dhritiman. I am a 5th year Interaction Design student at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. I am passionate about design and I love working in cross-disciplinary teams. I am in my pre-diploma and I will graduate in the summer of 2020.

I call myself an interaction designer, however, almost half of the projects I have done have included roles very different from interaction. I am proud of that.

I approach design with a very rational mindset, but, I do not shy away from out of the frame experimentation. I am the guy in the design team who would be most loved by the engineers and coders.

I prefer working in teams where people are direct and honest; teams where people say what they mean. I love making things which people can see and interact with and I use this as early as possible in a process. As a designer, I want to design what matters.

I do not take myself seriously and I have perfected the art of making people laugh on/with me.

Apart from design, I love to travel, read, watch good movies and to take pictures. I have recently started with film photography and it is a delight.

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Masters in Interaction Design (fall 2017 - spring 2019)
The Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Norway

  • ProtoHype (fall 2019)

  • Tangible Interaction (fall 2018)

  • Design For Screens (spring 2018)

  • Technoform (fall 2017)

  • Interactive Spaces & Environments (spring 2018)

  • Design Management (fall 2017)

Bachelors in Civil Engineering (fall 2010 - spring 2014)
National Institute of Technology, Raipur, India


Co-founder, SaturdayScape Lifestyle (late 2015 - mid 2017)

We, as a team of three, started a t-shirt business in Bangalore in India. I was the “creative lead”. We produced 6 t-shirt designs and later launched 2 notebooks. We shut the company down, but would surely someday resume it.

I was the designer - at least as designerly a Civil Engineer without any knowledge of design can get. I am not proud of my work, but, I learned a lot. That experience brought me to AHO.

Graduate Engineer, Shapoorji Pallonji & Company Ltd (2014 - 2015)

I worked in a hospital project and led a team of 56 to build an off-site pathology lab. I also worked as a junior project manager in the hospital project.

Meaningful Projects

Inspiring Elderly to Move (4 weeks)

As part of the tangible interaction course, we worked with Paulus Sykehjem to inspire elderly to move. Our team made a music system, with three dummy instruments, which help elderly to enjoy music which is meaningful to them, in a social setting, while helping them move their body.

Un-Urban Experiments: Træna (3 weeks)

We as a team of 20 people renovated a building, which was closed for more than 20 years, and turned it into a space for the community to meet socialize and connect. It also has a space for the youth of Træna and it gives them a much needed space, that was not there before our intervention.

PopUp Campus: Risør (2 Weeks)

We, as a part of the design management course (40 people), in a team of 5 people, from AHO and University of Agder, worked on finding strategies to encourage sustainable year round tourism at the newly formed Raet National Park, a park where people live.


Hard Skills

  • Hardware prototyping

  • Digital prototyping in Framer, Invision and Sketch

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Making physical things in workshop

  • Sketching with pen and paper - and using it to facilitate live communication

  • Photography and video-making

  • 3D visualization in Rhino (intermediate)

  • Working with concrete

Soft Skills

  • Presenting and public speaking

  • Listening and communication

  • Writing

  • Teamwork

  • Teaching

  • Facilitation of communication within a team

  • Making people laugh (advanced - almost stand-up level)

  • Learning basics of things super-fast

  • Rational, logical thinking (civil engineer level)


  • Nominated for Prize in Interaction Design, AHO Works for Muimo.

  • Nominated for Prize in Interaction Design, AHO Works for Metro Light.

  • Exhibited at DOGA for the Stay Human Conference - Un-urban Experiments, Træna.