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Free Spirit


Free Spirit

Brief: Find an interesting & engaging way
to display a picture set of 200 or more images, of your choice,
in an app environment, for phone screens.

Design for Screens Studio, Spring 2018.
Dhritiman Chatterjee.

Portfolio Images-01 small.png

200 Pictures

Usually in the projects that I had done before, it started with a design, and the content was an afterthought. However, in this project, the very content was the start.

We had to choose a picture set of 200 or more images and then develop an app, for mobile screens. The images could be of anything, and I chose a laid back, visually exciting set of images. Cocktails.

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In The Beginning

At the beginning, there were two things that were fixed by the brief. The content and the environment. I knew that it had to be an app and so, I started to sketch what screens the app would have and how would the content be organised.

Time was short and so, I came up with a brand, so that in times of indecision, the name itself could help me make a choice. I decided to name the app free spirit. The name then guided the tone of voice and the visual language.


Round 1

After a week of sketching, paper prototyping and testing those initial prototypes on friends in the canteen, I developed a high fidelity prototype on proto.io. We then, as a class, visited Netlife and had a proper UX testing in their amazing labs.

We had two students test our prototypes, as we observed from another room. We saw how exactly our apps were being used by the users and how was it different from our assumptions.

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Round 2

After gathering valuable insights from the user test sessions, I decided to start again, with a fresh pair of eyes. I knew where my assumptions broke down and I improved those areas. I started to sketch the screens and flows in more detail and made another set of paper prototypes. After a few rounds of iterations, I came to a design which I was feeling quite confident about.


Final Prototype

Using the insights from the 2nd phase, I started prototyping in Framer, so that I can simulate an actual app. I created another high fidelity prototype and tested it with a group of users. I was satisfied with the app when time ran out.

However, revisiting, I think there are some things I want to work on a bit more. The satisfaction was short lived. The screen recording for the prototype is presented underneath.

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