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Slutface - Social Media Strategy



Maipo films is working on a movie, Slutface, planned to be released late Spring, 2020.
It is about the lives of two teenage girls and their friendship during an emotionally charged
Summer, in a sleepy southern Norwegian town, by the sea.

We worked with the social media strategy for the movie and worked on ways to reach
the ever elusive young audience.

Design for Screens Studio, Spring 2018.
Andreea Tecusan, Frida Støvern & Dhritiman Chatterjee.


The Beginning

Maipo Films collaborated with AHO, in the Design for Screens course, Spring 2018 to help develop the social media strategy for an upcoming film. We in a team of three, worked with understanding the social media trends among the teenagers (14-19 years) and how might we reach them effectively. We worked under the supervision of producer, Ales Ree and director, Marie Kristiansen, although we worked quite independently.


The Process

Understanding Film

After we had received the project brief and an introduction to the topic from Ales, we started to read how social media marketing works. We read the screenplay of the movie to better understand the story, the mood and the visual language. We discussed the graphic design with Ales and we had a few meetings with people from Marketing at the Nordisk Film Distribusjon.

With these, we started to form a mood-board to better understand the tone that we wanted to convey. We were very inspired from the works of Marie and SKAM and how they use social media to connect with the audience.

Understanding the Youth

We had a very solid idea of who our customers are. The film was supposed to be for teenagers between 14 to 24 years of age and so, we focused on the age group 12-19, as the movie was two years away. However, we had no idea how they are using social media. So, we got in touch with them.

We invited 9 students from a high school for a workshop and 8 of them showed up. We spent a few hours talking to them and understanding what they think of social media and how do they use it. We got a lot of insights from them. However, the movie was to be released across Norway and so to get a better insight, we sent out a survey to school students in the 5 largest cities in Norway and we received quite a few responses.

We understood that none of them trust Facebook any more, after the scandal. The youth were very aware of privacy issues. They were still positive about Instagram and expected to see outside content there. Visuals were important. Snapchat was for friends and they do not like being intruded there.

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Division of Labor

After the initial insight gathering and then a close look at the social media habits of teenagers, we had a common pool of insights and a direction for the visual language. So, we decided to work separately on three parts, which connect together to form a comprehensive solution.

Andreea focused on visual language and how to touch the youth. Frida worked with a more fast paced, viral marketing. And I focused on creating engagement and long term relationships, through the use of contests and knowledge sharing.

Three Different Contests

I wanted to create relationships which are mutually beneficial to the audience and the filmmakers. I proposed that Maipo should aim to engage the audience for far more than the three months before the movie is released. One way they could do that was by teaching the youth how to make movies, taking them behind the scenes and discussing the issues that were being portrayed in the movie.


Contest 1 - Play the Part

To illustrate, one of the contests I proposed was “play the part”. This was to be the first of three contests and the reward was to be a part of the crew during the shoot. The reward was very special, that only a film production can give. To enter, participants would need to make a short movie and get selected. It was not to be an easy luck based entry - it was an exchange of value.

The contest would run so as to start the relation building and the reward would be of huge benefit to the participants. The contest would end with a hint to the next contest, so as to keep the engagement up. Similarly, the tree contests would be used strategically so as to keep building the engagement and to build anticipation for the movie.



We received very positive feedback from Maipo films. We presented the whole concept to Marie on a separate occasion and the production house is very motivated to use our project for the marketing of the film.