Trump Tone


 Trump Tone

In this short module, we were assigned APIs and we needed to use them
to code a working web app, which people can interact with. I was assigned
Donald Trump’s Twitter feed as the data source and I spent a full week
reading his Tweets. I had never felt this kind of hopelessness
in a project before, but, in the end, something fun came out of it.

Design For Screens Studio, Spring 2018.
Dhritiman Chatterjee.


Donald Trump’s Tweets
Music to Your Ears

Yes, it is frustrating if at the peak of the US school shootings you had to spend all your day reading Donald Trump’s tweets. It is physically painful.

However, that was the API I was assigned and it was not up for discussion. I had to make something that people would use and interact with.

At the start of the project, all my concepts were focused on the negativity that comes with reading the tweets. I was making interfaces which let people vent their frustrations after reading the tweets. However, I realized, focusing on the negative would inevitably lead to a negative experience.

With that insight, I started working with concepts that make something good out of Donald Trump’s rants. I coded an interface, which takes Trump’s tweets and analyses it letter by letter. Then it assigns a short tone to each character and turns the tweet into music.

So, no matter what the tweet said, the result was always musical. Trump Tone collects all the music created from Trump’s tweets and makes a weekly playlist. You could also save a tune if you like it.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

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