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Every year the city of Oslo celebrates by lighting up
over 4000 torches along the Akerselva river. AHO contributes with
interactive light and sound installations and we get about a week and a half
to design, build, test and then take down the installations.
More than 50,000 people pass by.

Interactive Spaces & Environments, Spring 2018.
Erlend Grimeland, Fredrik Kjellsen Just, Aurora Fiveland, Dhritiman Chatterjee.

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Experiments With Light

The goal of the project, for our team was to experiment with lights as much as possible and then project the most fun results on a huge screen. We started experimenting with how light interacts with various reflective and transparent objects. We used a powerful projector to experiment with light patterns that formed with reflection from space blankets.

For the final installation, we put a webcam over our screen which essentially pixelated the video live and projected it to the screen. So, the projection followed people in a way and very quickly people realized how they could make the lights “dance”. After about half the event was over, we switched the projection to the actual feed instead of the reflections and found out that people love looking at themselves on a big screen in the night by the river.